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About us

The Dr. Miller GmbH has specialized for several decades in the isolation of proteins and peptides derived from animal organs for human therapeutic use.

We offer doctors and medical practitioners the ability as well to produce organ-peptides for their patients according to their individual prescriptions in our laboratory.

This applies, in particular, to thymus-preparations, which are distinguished by a variety of active ingredients and whose isolation procedure requires as much care as possible. In addition, we also offer the ability to produce organ-peptides derived from the spleen, heart, liver, kidney, testis, ovary, placenta, etc. for therapeutic purposes.


The production takes place in a state of the art pharmaceutical laboratory. It meets strict regulations according to GMP. Several generous laminar-flow rooms (class A/B) guarantee a sterile production process.

For quality-control purposes, we use the very latest technical equipment.

Over fifty years of experience with a specialized know-how give you the security of a high quality production of organ-peptides.
Special isolation/production method

Thymus-, respectively organ-peptides by our isolation method, distinguish themselves fundamentally from other ordinary organ-peptides by...
  • not containing any preservatives or stabilizers.
  • being deep frozen or lyophilized to avoid the denaturation of the active ingredients and thereby preserving enzyme activity
  • have, in general, a higher amount of peptides and proteins.
  • have, in general, a molecular weight of 300.000 Dalton.
Product security

As raw material, we use bovine or porcine organs. The raw material as well as the end-product underlie strict controls e.g. zoonosises, sterility and pyrogenity. The bovine organs/end-product obtain an exponent sum of at least 20 points and therefore meet the standards set by the Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (German authority responsible for pharmaceuticals derived from animal sources) regarding BSE.
If you would like to utilize organ-peptides, isolated by our special production method, just contact us.