Renate Miller (shareholder),
Oliver Miller
Management: We are eager to process your orders and special requests promptly and at anytime without complications. Trust and customer service are important to us.

Excellent quality, an obligation.
Analytical Laboratory: In our modern analytical laboratory we use the latest in technology (HPLC, spectralphotometer, etc.) according to general standards.
Autoclave: Our computerized and validated autoclave sterilizes containers and instruments for use in pharmaceutical production.

Water-Processing Plant: In order to meet the standard concerning pharmaceutical products we have our own water processing plant. We produce water here for injection purposes, using the steam-sterilization method.
Filling-in Clean Room: Our full automatic filling machine fills active ingredients/ pharmaceuticals (liquids) in glass- or plastic vials of 0,5 - 5 ml in clean rooms of class A/B according to GMP standards. Manual production is also possible.
Packaging: The packaging of the pharmaceuticals takes place in a class D clean room.
Freezer-Storage: For highly sensitive pharmaceuticals we offer freezer storage capacities of minus 80º Celsius. The temperature is supervised and monitored by a computer system.
Processing Orders: Our staff looks forward to processing your order as quickly and thoroughly as possible.